Waste Not…

What we could use is a Department of Consolidation. Government has gotten so large that many things are repeated, duplicated and one thing contradicting another. For example, we pay farmers to plow under crops so we can keep the market supply under control. Then we pay other countries to supply wheat and rice to starving countries. Why not ship the food instead of plowing it under?
We give starving families in our country ‘Food Stamps’ and let them use those to buy junk, disease causing ‘food substitutes’ in mass. Luckily, we are later responsible for paying for their poor health through Medicaid and Medicare.
We are presently paying millions of people ‘UN-employment wages’ while concurrently paying more and more contractors to repair infrastructures. Why not use those ‘unemployed workers’ to save tax dollars on other projects?
And, of course, we sacrifice our young men and women in uniform (and many not in uniform) to protect the monstrous crop of poppy growers in Afghanistan. Then we spend an enormous budget on DEA to stop the sale and distribution of heroin from Afghanistan.
I am surely just touching the surface of the many areas where a working department could streamline and reduce spending in government. Many approaches would create better health, ease stresses on the environment, promote jobs, lower taxes, bring peace, lessen the pork in legislation, etc. Smaller government is what many are asking for, so just another Department is not the point. It has to be a Department with teeth who can slash and cut and redistribute funds.
I believe in our country and the power of the people to use what I always heard growing up; good old Yankee ingenuity.

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