Lower Medicaid costs with Food Stamp Rules

Let’s make a change to help the needy get healthier and save money in the process. Food Stamps should only be used for fresh fruit and vegetables and meat, chicken and fish. Nothing else. No canned foods, no processed foods, no packaged and preserved foods. No snacks, soft drinks or other junk food. If these people are ‘starving’ and need food, they’ll gladly eat what this would cover. We surely would notice improved health if this is all they ate. They could drink water, it’s free in most communities to these people who are also on Medicaid, i.e., we also have to pay for their health care! If they loose weight, lower sugar intake and increase nutritious foods, their health will improve and we will all save money in the Medicaid systems! Why is this a hard decision? It is a no brainer. We need politicians with guts to push this through in every state and federal budget.

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