Greed 101

The problem must start in the schools. Is it all the scholarly business schools, Harvard, Wharton, etc, that teach the idea of greed til the well dries up? In business, I always believed the customer comes first. Look at any small Mom and Pop store in downtown, USA and you find a place that puts the customer first and finds a way to make the customer satisfied and happy. Reputation matters. But go to some large corporation and ask the ‘CEO’ who is most important and they all assuredly shout, “The Stockholders!” They truly believe that the bottom line and the stockholders are more important than the customers. And that works temporarily. But eventually, when you piss off enough customers, the bottom falls out and the stockholders lose big time. Just ask the US auto industry. Imagine what you would think if you asked Mom or Pop who was most important and comes first in their business and they said “Me!” Exactly. We think how stupid and arrogant these overpaid CEO’s are. They run the businesses into the ground or out of the country for profits and lose the customers in the process. Way to go, college professors. Teach the next generation of business admins how to sift the assets out of the corporation before it goes under. Oh, that’s right, you already taught that course!

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