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End the Tax Cuts for Wealthy

I’m no economist but I’m a small business owner. Company profits pass to my personal return. If the company makes more money, taxes increase AND profits, too. If I reinvest profits (expansion and jobs), it’s an expense and I pay … Continue reading

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Greed 101

The problem must start in the schools. Is it all the scholarly business schools, Harvard, Wharton, etc, that teach the idea of greed til the well dries up? In business, I always believed the customer comes first. Look at any … Continue reading

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Lower Medicaid costs with Food Stamp Rules

Let’s make a change to help the needy get healthier and save money in the process. Food Stamps should only be used for fresh fruit and vegetables and meat, chicken and fish. Nothing else. No canned foods, no processed foods, … Continue reading

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Waste Not…

What we could use is a Department of Consolidation. Government has gotten so large that many things are repeated, duplicated and one thing contradicting another. For example, we pay farmers to plow under crops so we can keep the market … Continue reading

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