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A down and out musician strikes gold in 2007. Follow Bongo Bucky as he tries to transform from a careless, destitute buffoon to a wealthy entrepreneur. Bongo and the colorful characters he meets along the way live lives of zany, bizarre antics. He becomes a sort of comic ‘green hero for the environment’ even with his tragic street villain personality. Bongo leaves his roots but faces the same complexities of American life, whether growing up in New Jersey or playing tycoon in Georgia. He started life as a model student, stagnated for years in a rut, only to bloom late and disprove his detractors.

Life in a rural Georgia seaside village is quite different from his ‘Jersey Shore,’ but he fits in enough to become a ‘Damn Yankee,’ one who stays a while. Little does he know his venture is like stepping in a cow pasture. It takes a hardheaded stubborn person to get through his tribulations but Bongo has the scrappiness, and this time, some money to back him.

Life in the south involves deep faith in the good ol’ boy system, trusting authorities to watch their backs, and for the most part they do. But little secrets linger. Read how Bongo uses his convincing personality to solve so many problems.

SAMPLE: Click here for a sample chapter.

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