Norah’s Oak

A Pre-Apocalyptic Tale

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Norah Linsky is about to head the Geology Department at Georgia State University when some of her catastrophic predictions begin to come true, a lot sooner than even she expected. She is a role model for professional women but heartbreak leaves her lonely. Still she rose to the top of her profession. Her controversial theories about predicting natural disasters and the speed of continental drifting or tectonic movements go unappreciated until now. A Preacher grabs her attention, a journalist grabs her yearning heart and geologic activity grabs them all by the tail.

The radical Reverend rants about sin and the complications of life in the year 2008. As greed, envy and murder fill the world, an uneasy comparison develops to Sodom and Gomorrah. The Reverend is certain that God must come and purge the world so he organizes a survival plan. Who will survive the purging? Can anyone survive?

An expose’ on our world, this book is a thriller that asks those age-old questions, the answers to which we wish we knew. Would you be one of God’s chosen? Can life be so fleeting? Are we approaching a purging? Read how Norah, Alex and Rev. Tim handle it.

SAMPLE: Click here for a sample chapter.

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