Approach to Health

Speaking of ‘Health Care’, let’s work on the approach, now that providing it is coming around. Remember that our country is in the bottom percentile of ‘developed countries’ in health grades such as infant mortality, diseases, lifespan, etc. The provision is important, as we have said, and part of our constitution is based on the free pursuit of LIFE. So it is not turning our nation ‘socialist’ to provide services for our citizens. (It is, however, ridiculous to provide it at our expense to non-citizens but we could make them citizens and have them pay into the fund. Christians especially should understand the concept of giving but we can be fair.) But it is the approach and not the lack of provisions that keeps us in such a bad position as it relates to health. We have all the resources and yet we kill some 200,000 to 600,000 a year, depending on your sources, simply by drugging and cutting incessantly. We want to inject every individual thinking that improves health, yet show me one double-blind random control study supporting vaccinations. We claim to be a system of medicine based on science and yet the most numerous approaches in medicine have no random controlled studies to support them, i.e., surgeries and flu vaccines. Drugs kill and yet they have to kill a certain number before we pull them from the shelf. Our society is becoming prescription drug dependent and we are the ‘guinea pigs’ of the experiments. We don’t work on getting people healthy, we work on getting people on drugs. If drugs made people healthy then the people taking the most drugs should be the healthiest! Common sense tells us to find foods and lifestyle and not prescriptions to attain better health. It is the APPROACH to health care that needs changing, President Obama, now that we have ‘coverage.’ Tell your doctor you want to know how to eat so you can avoid drugs and get off of all your prescriptions. Ask your doctor how many years or hours or minutes of nutrition he or she has studied and what foods can replace the drugs you now take. If they don’t know, search for a ‘doctor’ who knows those things. Eat, exercise, and care for the frame and brain. Maybe someday our country can be as healthy as Japan, Sweden, Norway, and other ‘developed countries.’

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