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J. Michael Smith

Dr. J. Michael Smith

Jeffry Michael Smith was raised in Millville, New Jersey, attended Villanova University in Pennsylvania then on to Marietta, Georgia for his Doctorate in Chiropractic. Writing has always been a part of his health care career but became more a profession of it’s own when he started writing fiction. With 9 years of teaching as an Associate Professor and 28 years of practice in his field, Dr. Smith has observed life keenly and also possesses an imaginative mind for the imperceptible aspects. His stories are an interesting blend of fact and fiction with humor, science, suspense and conspiracies throughout. Most are based on real life events and take place in locations he has lived. Currently he resides in the ‘Golden Isles’ of Georgia and divides his time writing, practicing and continuously observing life with his wife and their dog, Benny.

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